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    Video Production by Financial Potion

    Financial Potion is a FAA-certified licensed & insured company providing high quality, full-service video marketing solutions in the form of video production, video editing, social media distribution, training and live stream production.

    Located in Arizona, we provide customized video marketing solutions to help any business owner get found & be remembered by sharing their message in a more effective way.

    • Good storytelling
    • HD or higher resolution
    • Quality lighting to make you & your products look their best
    • Good composition
    • Clear, crisp audio

    You can’t have a quality commercial, training video or testimonial without good videography. Quality videography includes:

    • HD or higher resolution
    • Good even lighting
    • Good composition
    • Clear, crisp audio

    They say a photo is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth at least millions! Let Financial Potion help you make millions by visually spreading your mission.  

    From corporate retreats to graduations, Live Stream Production by Financial Potion has helped people stay connected and engaged in their organizations and communities. Live Stream Production can be as simple as facilitating a Zoom meeting to providing a multi-camera switcher with on-screen graphics.

    Financial Potion provides customized packages to fit your needs.

    Are you actively looking for ways to make your business campaigns stand out in a crowded market?

    Video marketing is your opportunity to attract your ideal clients and engage with them no matter where they are.

    Our Customized Video Training can be done in person or virtually to help you:

    • Determine the videos that are going to be the most beneficial to you and your bottom line
    • Learn how to write scripts that convert
    • Learn how to use equipment for higher quality productions – Visit our recommendations page to see equipment you may want to invest in
    • How to edit for the platforms you’re going to post on
    • How to correctly post & optimize your videos on social platforms for the most organic reach

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    Video Social Media Distribution

    YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine. Owned by Google which is the most used search engine. To get found means you need to search engine optimize your videos on YouTube as well as post your videos on the correct platforms that your target audience is hanging out on. We can do all the video social media distribution for you.

    Are you looking for the best professional and reliable photography services? We offer the most affordable and convenient photography in Arizona. With us, you will get the best quality of your photos. We never fail to deliver. We know how important photos are to you and the growth of your business. That’s why we guarantee our services to give you the best quality. Photography can be for:

    • Scenery
    • Headshots
    • Products
    • Special Events

    Financial Potion is also FAA Certified to capture your future listing, land plot or for epic scenes through the mountains.

    Hi, We’re Financial Potion… Wife & Husband Core Team Taylor & Eric Wellman

    Video is the potion to relieve business owners of their financial worries.

    Communication is key in any relationship. Help strengthen your business relationships by utilizing the power of video marketing. Financial Potion is a professional video production company who serves business owners across the Arizona valley from west Phoenix, to north Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa areas.

    It’s true that Video Marketing is the future and the future is now! Video is the most efficient way to attract customers and convert them into buyers. For a business typically there are going to be four types of videos:

    1. Sales videos
    2. SME (Search Matter Expert) videos
    3. Reviews
    4. Internal Videos

    Sales Videos are the ads that introduce businesses and tell customers:

    • What they do
    • How they carry it out
    • Why it’s better than any other option

    SME Videos are used for continued marketing to stay on top of mind for people. The more free information you give out, the more people learn about you and your brand, and the more you can build trust before they step into your door or log onto your website.

    Reviews – Word of mouth is one of the oldest forms of marketing, however it’s still one of the most reliable. People trust other people’s opinions, so building a library of video reviews is going to be crucial for you and your brand.

    Internal Videos are used for internal purposes, such as training new employees. They can serve as a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at a business.

    Of course there are other videos you can do, like fun parodies, or other goofy videos to show your personality. The goal of video marketing is to build trust. If you have a product or service you want to market, video will be a very effective tool. A video can tell consumers a lot about your company’s mission and goals. It makes people go from knowing nothing about you, to being one of your raving fans and loyal customers.

    If your customer service sounds like a broken record, or you’re getting hand cramps repeating the same content;

    YOU NEED VIDEO to duplicate you and your team and communicate more effectively.

    Videos are a way to clone your message while making it concise and consistent across the board.

    People retain 60% of the information given in a video versus only 20% when read and 30% when heard. Ensure your clients are getting the right message across and allow them to learn with engaging videos. Video is also a great way to train your staff. You can continue doing what you do best to run your business while the video(s) can take care of the training.


    Retention from Video


    Retention from Reading


    Retention from Listening

    All videos, photography and graphic designs are created uniquely for your business to communicate to your target audience. With a combined experience of over fifteen years working in the valley of the sun, video production with Financial Potion is easy to obtain. From corporate events, to commercials, product overviews, to training videos, Linkedin profile shots, product shots, social media graphics to flyers, Financial Potion is here to help you with video production, marketing, and creative solutions for your business.

    Let’s get started!

    Videos on the home page of your website, much like ours, are a living, breathing, representations of yourself and your services. You could be sleeping, on vacation or even performing the actions that make you money, while your professional video is making impressions and making sales for you. Videos are also a huge player in the game of SEO. Allow yourself to be found easier by having more content that the search engines want to see.