To protect your video and audio equipment from falls, drops and extreme weather you will quickly find out that most products you purchase don’t come in a carrying case. They will come in a simple cardboard box that isn’t going to protect your equipment. Accidents will happen. When you’re walking you may slip and fall. When driving you may need to come to a sudden stop and your equipment will shift in the car. By using some of the recommended cases below, they will help keep your video equipment protected which will help you use your investment for that much longer.

    1. The number one recommendation among video makers are the Pelican brand. (add photo from recommendation page) They are very heavy duty, and are weatherproof and waterproof. They are also on the most expensive side in terms of a case.
    2. We have also found that the Amazon basics brand is a great case however it’s only weather proof, not waterproof so make sure not to throw them in the pool.  (add photo from recommendation page)
    3. If you happen to live by a Harbor Freight, we highly advise that you sign up for their coupons and then get one of their boxes. They are weather proof,  once again not waterproof, however they are the most affordable cases we have seen so far.

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No matter which brand you buy, you will want to make sure to purchase a case that has sturdy clamps to keep the case closed. You always want to make sure there is foam padding inside and it’s even better when they are the pre-cut square foam pieces so you can customize the inside cushion. You don’t want your products sliding around everywhere as you’re driving or walking around so customizing the square foam cushioning for a perfect fit will make sure that everything stays nice and snug.  We personally use cases like this for our microphones, our matte box and follow focus. Cases are one of those tools that you may not think about too often, however when you have them, you’re grateful.

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