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Essential Advice for Boosting Your Career Prospects

by Cody Mcbride Most adults work 40 hours a week. Many work more than that. If you are spending so much time at your job, shouldn’t you be maximizing your success and finding fulfillment along the way? It can be easy to get stuck in your career with little opportunity to move up the ladder [...]

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How does Video Sharing help in getting backlinks?

by Jassica Mendez Are you thinking about creating some videos for your brand? You've heard stories that it can do wonders, so you're wondering if it can do the same for you. Well, you've come to the right place, as today we're talking about how video sharing helps in getting backlinks. To make your business [...]

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Why You Need Quality Videos for Your Website Content

by: Jassica Mendez Businesses will often adopt various approaches to stand out and reach their target audience. Online marketing used to rely on banners and PPC ads, and while these forms of advertising are still used, we have seen a significant rise of online videos being used for marketing and promotion. In this article, we [...]

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6 Ways to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

6 Ways to Use Video in Your Email Marketing by Jassica Mendez Email marketing is indisputably effective; in fact, you’d rarely find a digital marketer who can’t attest to its potential. From relative ease of production to massive Return on Investment (ROI), it’s among the best ways to market a business. However, not all email [...]

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How to Build a Unique Marketing Strategy For Your Small Business

by: Mattie Sims Are you looking for ways to create a killer marketing strategy? For small business owners and entrepreneurs, it can be tough knowing how to make your strategy as powerful as possible. To ease the pressure, here’s a step-by-step guide of five items to show you how to create a marketing strategy that’s [...]

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Tech Investments That Pay Big Dividends

by: Cody McBride When you are launching a small business, you are accounting for every penny you invest, making decisions about what qualifies as “key” expenditures to ensure you start on a financially solvent footing. For some startups, tech investments can feel a bit out of reach or even “nonessential” in the early days. However, [...]

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7 Tips to Effortlessly Promote Your Business on Social Media

7 Tips to Effortlessly Promote Your Business on Social Media by Benjamin Gonzales If you're not promoting your business using social media, you're doing it wrong. The number of people using some form of social media is already enormous, and there are more people being added every day. This equals plenty of potential customers for [...]

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8 Web Hosting Considerations For Small Businesses

Every Business Needs A Web Site Anyone new to business knows they need a web site. What is one consideration a small business should take when selecting a website hosting service? To help select a website hosting service for your small business, we asked tech experts and small business owners this question for their best [...]

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7 Industry Specialization Tips For Businesses To Increase Revenue

Going a Business What is one tip on how a company can narrow down their industry specialization? To help your company narrow down their industry specialization, we asked business leaders and management experts this question for their best advice. From defining your target audience to using growth metrics, there are several things your company can [...]

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