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How To Protect Your Equipment from Falls & Extreme Weather

To protect your video and audio equipment from falls, drops and extreme weather you will quickly find out that most products you purchase don’t come in a carrying case. They will come in a simple cardboard box that isn’t going to protect your equipment. Accidents will happen. When you’re walking you may slip and fall. [...]

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Going Under, Underwater Video Production

Want to record underwater? Do you want to go underwater for your video production? Underwater shots are great for Realtors who want to sell a pool, pool cleaners who want to show how well of a job they do, and for pool products to show how they work. If you’re using your phone, you know [...]

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“It’s so hot under these lights!” Well, not really when you use LEDs

When you’re recording, do you ever say “It’s so hot under these lights!” It’s not or shouldn’t be when you use LED lights. So what are LED lights? LED stands for ‘light-emitting diode’ and it’s a two-lead semiconductor light source. So instead of one white light, it transmits all the colors of light, and in [...]

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Going Green! Green Screen Studios, When To Use Them & How

So you want to go green? Green screen studios; when and how to use them. Using a green screen studio is going to be for the more advance video marketer. You may have heard using a green screen is a good idea because then you could put anything in the background, however should you really [...]

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Accessories to Record Video on the Go

If you’re a Realtor, Property Manager, or any business owner who has a product that’s large that you need to move around and give a tour of, it’s going to be crucial for you to be able to record video on the go and capture high quality, stabilized video in order to create that tour. [...]

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Can You Hear Me Now? Mircophones For Quality Video Audio

To have a quality video, you need to have microphones for quality video audio. However, how much you want to spend on the audio will depend on what you’re currently using for your video camera, how much you want the freedom to move and how much you want to invest. Below we’re going to share [...]

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3 Products To Get Started In Video Marketing Beyond Your Phone

When you’re about to get started video marketing, you can create great videos with your phone however there are three products you’ll absolutely need to get started to have decent quality videos. […]

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3 Videos Every Business Owner Should Be Using

Banner for the Summer Small Biz Showcase hosted by Michele Swinick where Taylor Wellman discusses the 3 videos every business owner should be using. Introduction- "Everything Home" with Michele Swinick asked our co-owner, Taylor Wellman to be a part of the "Summer Small Biz Showcase" five minute podcast to share the 3 Business [...]

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