If you’re running a small business, immigrants can bring unique skills to your team. As Ford Murray Law explains, an international workforce offers diverse benefits, from foreign language knowledge to innovative perspectives.

Given the advantages, it should come as no surprise that many small businesses rely on immigrant workers. According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, immigrant workers play a significant role in driving small business growth.

Ready to reap the rewards of a diverse team? Read on to find out how to recruit immigrants.

Understand the legal implications of hiring immigrants.

Before going ahead, make sure you understand the legal implications of hiring immigrants. You will have to do a little extra legwork to ensure you are abiding by state and federal regulations when hiring non-U.S. workers.

NOLO explains that you should only hire people with work authorization. In addition to U.S. citizens, legal workers include non-citizen nationals, aliens with work authorization, and lawful permanent residents. You will have to ask for relevant papers before hiring.

Create a diversity-friendly culture, starting with your recruitment process.

If you want to attract immigrant workers, you have to create a workplace that values diversity. You can’t expect immigrants to want to join your team if they’re feeling excluded or overlooked.


A demonstrated acceptance of immigrants starts with the recruitment process. For example, you should add a “diversity and inclusion” statement to your job ad. OnGig offers a list of ten examples to inspire you.


You might also include an introductory video emphasizing your commitment to diversity and featuring testimonials from your international team. A video marketing production company like Financial Potion can help you create the material you need.


Here are some other tips for creating a workplace that welcomes diversity:


  • Celebrate international holidays, asking employees to share their traditional customs
  • Exchange international recipes, so team members can get to know one another’s favorite dishes from home
  • Arrange a language exchange marketplace, giving workers opportunities to bond while learning another language

Look to remote workers to diversify your team.

Modern advances in technology make it easier than ever to collaborate across distances. You can also hire remotely to fill gaps in your team. This opens up even more options to you in terms of workforce diversity and skillset.

Broadening your applicant pool can be especially beneficial for highly technical roles, which are generally harder to fill because of the specific educational requirements and skills needed. Examples include data analysis, IT, and medical transcription.

Online job platforms like Upwork allow you to find data analysis services and other technical professionals from all around the world. You can sort professionals based on traits like delivery time, cost, and reviews from former clients.

Create an onboarding process that includes social, as well as business integration.

Comprehensive onboarding can help new employees feel at ease. This is especially important for diverse teams. On Deck describes best practices for small business onboarding, like providing employees with necessary documents before their first day.

HR Daily Advisor offers additional tips for onboarding immigrant employees. They suggest using a buddy system, matching each new worker with an established co-worker to guide them through the first days on the job. This is also a chance to discuss workplace norms.

Bringing immigrants into your team can benefit your small business in many ways. The above guide provides pointers on how to ensure an effective recruitment process.

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