Want to record underwater?

Do you want to go underwater for your video production? Underwater shots are great for Realtors who want to sell a pool, pool cleaners who want to show how well of a job they do, and for pool products to show how they work. If you’re using your phone, you know probably first hand how terrible it can be if they get wet. If you invested in a higher quality camera, even if it’s weatherproof, that doesn’t make it waterproof, and so you don’t want to throw it into a pool. Below are various accessories and devices that can help you get those underwater shots you desire.

First, the Waterproof Case

If you’re using a cell phone to capture your videos, you could get the Mpow Universal Waterproof Case, IPX8 Waterproof Phone Pouch Dry Bag. This accessory would allow you to confidently and safely use your phone to capture underwater video. If you have a large Otterbox-like case, you may need to take that off so the pouch will fit the phone, however be rest assured that your phone is going to stay dry. The touch screen features still work and it’s completely transparent so the case will not get in the way of the camera lens. Owners, Taylor and Eric Wellman used these pouches during their honeymoon to Jamaica to make sure their phones stayed dry when in the water, on boats, and even on the beach; didn’t want margaritas spilling on them.

Consider a GoPro

If you’re still nervous about using your cell phone, then you may want to invest in a GoPro. The newest GoPro at the time of writing this article is the HERO7. This durable camera is waterproof to 33 feet without additional housing. The new GoPro has the most advanced video stabilization yet for GoPro. You can use it handheld going through the water, put it on a head mount, chest mount or selfie stick. You won’t have to worry about stabilizing the footage in post production. The little camera also provides big quality. The HERO7 Black can produce 4K quality at 60 fps. For less than $500, there are a lot of other great features that makes this camera well worth the money. Other great features is the footage will sync right away with your phone, and you can ask it to start recording with voice command, it can be very useful if you’re a solo camera operator and already have the camera mounted on your head. It does still have it’s ultrawide angle lens, however sometimes you need a wide angle lens.

See our post on “When To Use a Wide Angle Lens” to see if you should invest in one. If you’re ready to invest in any of the equipment mentioned, please visit our equipment recommendation page.