There are three items yo may want to gift your business (or yourself) this holiday season!

The holidays are a great time for giving gifts to family, friends, loved ones.  It’s a perfect time to show those you care about how you feel. This begs the question: How do you feel about your business, and your video portfolio as we approach 2019? Have you done enough to make sure that your videos are seen, and stand out from all the rest? We’d like to highlight a few items that would make the perfect gift for anyone looking to improve their videos – even yourself!

1) The New GoPro Hero7

GoPro Hero 7

Best GoPro as of Winter 2018

The first gift, which anyone would love, is a GoPro Hero 7. One of the most popular cameras for many types of video has only gotten better! The feature that action videographers are raving about is the HyperSmooth setting – no more jumpy video or unnatural post stabilizations through software. Add to that the TimeWarp (hyperlapse) setting, SuperPhoto HDR quality, and a touchscreen, and you’ve got a total package! This is a camera that will work inside, outside – even underwater, thanks to its indestructible waterproof body. If you’re filming first-person action sports, or working in or around water – this camera will capture what others cannot. Ready to purchase yours? You can through our equipment recommendation page.

2) DJI Mavic Air

Another amazing tool for professionals is the DJI Mavic Air. This is a quadcopter drone that takes pretty much any kind of video or photos that you’d want: gimbal cam videos and photos, panoramas, 4k, slow motion and more! This drone features hand gesture control, the ability to follow you, and obstacle avoidance – it’s a serious piece of machinery but is also really fun to fly! It’s super compact, foldable and portable, however you can only use it to shoot video or pictures for your business if you have the Part 107 license, like we have at Financial Potion. Anyone can use it for flying fun, but commercial use for any reason (a farmer checking crops, a Realtor listing a property) is subject to thousands of dollars in fines by the FAA – make sure you’re registered properly before use.

DJI Mavic Air

Small drone with high quality video capabilities.

3) Photopills App

PhotoPills App

An App to help you calculate the best time to take the best photos.

Lastly, a great gift from the app world is the Photopills App. This “personal assistant” will help you plan out the perfect shot! The app calculates when and where the sun is going to rise or set (so you get the best lighting possible in twilight and magic hours, no matter when or where you are), and also has great features like depth of field, exposure calculators, and shoot location planning. It even shows you the Milky Way and when it’s visible! Without this app it would have been impossible to capture these shots, click the links below to reveal incredible natural beauty captured with the help of the Photopills app:

In conclusion…

If you’re a photography professional, know one, or you’re aspiring to be one – an app like this, with all of its granular specifications can set you apart from the pack. These gifts can certainly be fun to play with, but they are also all powerful tools that will help any photographer or videographer to capture the best possible images no matter what! It’s okay to gift yourself during the holidays, and if you’re starting out your journey towards professional photography or videography, check out our blog post “3 Products To Get Started In Video Marketing Beyond Your Phone” here: