How To Alleviate Client Confusion

Client Process Videos

Create client process videos to alleviate confusion.

The WHY Behind Client Process Videos

Every business wants a client or customer to have a stellar experience. How to alleviate client confusion is an important question to ask yourself. The best answer we have found is to create client process videos.

Creating process videos for clients is an extremely useful tool for businesses to help inform their clients, and also potentially attract new clients. YouTube has made it extremely easy to make your videos seen by a wider audience than ever before, and process videos get to the heart of your value as a business. Clients get the chance to see your operations step by step, and become better informed about what qualities you bring. This knowledge helps to ensure that your clients will not be surprised by any stage of the process, and makes for a smoother overall experience for both the business and client side of the transition.

If you were looking to hire a professional in a business that you knew little to nothing about, wouldn’t you want to learn more? Learn not only about the business, but about the process of the professional and how they conduct their business before you hired them?

Look at it like a sales pitch: What is your sales process? That’s where your prospects first get to know you. Why not start off the relationship with a bold move and spell out the process in a video? This automatically creates authenticity, trust, and transparency. It tells your client prospect, “This company has done this before and knows what it’s doing.”
Many people associate process videos with art, but process videos are extremely useful in any business no matter what business you’re in! Speaking of art, let’s talk a bit about the actual recording process.

How To Record Client Process Videos

You will need a camera that records video, or you can use your smartphone. Whichever camera you use, you need to make sure it’s stable.  A traditional tripod, gorilla pod, or flat surface you can rest the camera/phone on is ideal. If you are recording a video featuring an on-camera narrator, the camera will need to be close enough to capture the voice, or better yet use a microphone.  There are even microphones that can be connected to smartphones.  Alternatively, you may want to record the audio separately as a voice over.  This way there is less noise, you can rehearse what you are going to say, and ensure the audio quality is consistent and clear. There are many fine USB mics available. Visit our recommendation page to purchase the equipment you need.

Editing Process Videos

Once you get the video recorded it’s all about editing.  Trim out any portions that are not necessary and keep the pace of the video steady so that it holds the viewers attention. Longer process videos can be good as well, just try to keep them a few minutes max. Lot of  research  indicates that the videos with the highest retention rates (that is, when viewers watch a video all the way to the end, as opposed to stopping it early) are usually between 1 and 3 minutes long. It’s ok to make multiple shorter videos on the same topic. YouTube allows you to put similar videos into playlists that clients can watch as a group. You’ll want to add text graphics for any steps that are extremely important that you want people to know. You could choose to add light background music however it’s not necessary.

In Conclusion

How to alleviate client confusion and give a client a pleasant experience is to provide clear information through video that’s easy to follow and to remember. If you follow these few simple rules of thumb, you can create one, or many process videos. These will instruct both your current clients on the overall process you follow, and will also attract new clients who will see how the process will play out for them, and will be ‘sold’ on your process before they even hire you. If you need any assistance with creating process videos, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.