The Best Way to Train Your Employees, Contractors & Team Members

Why You Should Create Process Videos

Training can take a lot of time and be very  expensive!  Documenting a specific business process is a tough task. This can mean lengthy instruction manuals or other paperwork that are liable to go out of date every time a new step is introduced, or a process is altered. The best way to train your employees, contractors and team members is to create process videos.

Video is an extremely useful tool for streamlining the educational process. It’s also a great way to share updates. These videos can be uploaded to a central video library like YouTube, Vimeo, or an internal server that can be accessed by anyone in the organization anywhere, anytime. Videos can be uploaded almost immediately for employees to adopt the changes. Also these videos can be scheduled so that they are delivered to each staff member at the time they need it most. This helps put everybody on the same page, like memos, except way more palatable.

Process videos allow you to get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of how to perform a specific task. Like instruction manuals, they are straightforward step-by-step guides to one or several undertakings. These videos can be used  for new hires ,and when you need your staff to get acquainted with something new.

Employees learn better when they see something, rather than only read or listen.  When more senses are used at the same time, it’s easier for people to remember. The brain also doesn’t have to work as hard to form ideas when it’s watching a video.  Research shows that people will retain 70% of the information given in a video versus only 20% when read and 30% when heard.  This is  the reason why videos are being increasingly used for process explanation and instruction.

How To Record Client Process Videos

You know it’s important to have client process videos, now how do you get them produced? You’ll want to have a simple set up since you may need to send updates to your team on a whim. You will need a camera that records video, or you can use your smartphone. Whichever camera you use, you need to make sure it’s steady.  A traditional tripod, gorilla pod, or flat surface you can rest the camera/phone on is ideal. If you are recording a video featuring an on-camera narrator, the camera will need to be close enough to capture the voice, or better yet use a microphone.  There are microphones that can be connected to smartphones.  Visit our recommendation page to purchase the equipment you need.

Editing Process Videos

Once you get the videos recorded it’s all about editing.  Start by trimming out any portions that are not necessary. These could be rough starts and ends, or any mistakes and stumbles. You’ll want to add text graphics for any steps that are extremely important that you want people to remember. Adding background music is an option, however not necessary.

The Benefit

As an employer, these process videos reduce the time and resources spent on teaching employees. Employees will have knowledge on how certain processes work, and will be able to access updates at the click of a button. These videos will create a uniformed message that can’t be misinterpreted or misconstrued. The best way to train your employees, contractors and team members is through creating process videos.

If you need any assistance creating your process videos, please reach out to us!