Website Videos

Our video production services help convert prospects in a unique way by educating and communicating with video. When a video is on your website a visitor is three times more likely to stay on your site. When people stay on a website they can educate themselves about products or services, and then make the confident decision to work with you, which mean more money in your pocket! This is why having video is so crucial for your marketing and Financial Potion makes it easy to obtain. There are video marketing solutions customized to the individual business owner.


Having a ::15 or :30 commercial is still crucial as a business. It’s a tool that can be used throughout all your marketing and it’s short enough the people aren’t going to tune away from it. Financial Potion is proudly partnered with Time For Me Tv who can help you get your commercials on the air. You can be on local television or in the middle of a prime time spot. Your commercials can also be used for social media posts, as well as commercials for movie theaters across the valley.

Event Videos

Whenever you prepare for an event it takes so much time and preparation, why only have it last for that hour, or day, or weekend? Allow your event to live forever through event videos. When you film an event it can be used for re-sell as educational materials, show people what they may have missed and promote your next event. Financial Potion can film your single event and create a multitude of final videos that will be great for your marketing and sales team. You may even want to show videos during your event, perhaps you don’t want award winners to get nervous or be too long winded. Have them record their response and play it in a video during the event.

Green Screen Videos

If you’re going to be having a series of videos created, its important to brand yourself with engaging intro and exit graphics. A exit graphic can also be used on other videos not in a series as a way to interestingly display your contact information. The main goal of the videos are to connect with an audience and have that audience connect to you personally. That’s why it’s always important to brand yourself and have your contact information visible!

CPV – Client Process Videos

Do you ever feel like you’re on repeat with your clients and employees? Did you know that people retain 80% of what’s in a video versus only 20% when read and 30% when heard? Save time, energy and money by creating client process videos!

Subject Matter Expert Videos

You are the subject matter expert in your field. Show it off by creating videos that people are always asking you about. These videos are great to share on social media because you will be in front of people you already know to remind them that yes you’re the subject matter expert, as well as have the opportunity to get organically found by people searching for the question you’re answering.

Animation Videos

Video animations as well as animated intro and exit graphics are a great way to be remembered and stand out from the crowd.

Crowd Funding Videos

Crowd Funding is a popular and lucrative tool for business owners and entrepreneurs. One of the key aspects of the crowd funding campaign is an educational and engaging video. Look at every successful crowd funding campaign, they all had a video attached it to. Let us help you raise the money you need for your cause. Our full service video production company will help you write, produce and edit the video. We’ll also help promote you via our social media channels throughout your campaign.

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