Customized Video Marketing Solutions Productions

Elevate your video marketing with Financial Potion’s mobile production studios. We bring 4K cinema cameras, professional lighting, and audio, along with a green screen if needed, directly to your location. Our Mesa, Arizona studio offers versatile setups with white, black, or green screens to suit your project. Remote recording is also available, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Our customized video marketing solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and help you achieve your goals. Trust Financial Potion to deliver high-quality, professional videos that make a lasting impact on your audience.

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Website Videos

Videos on your website make visitors three times more likely to stay and learn about your products or services, leading to confident decisions and more sales. Customized video marketing solutions make it easy to elevate your marketing strategy. Transform your prospects into loyal customers with engaging, educational videos.


A 15 or 30-second commercial remains vital for businesses. It’s brief enough to retain viewers’ attention and versatile for all marketing channels. With one video investment, you can air your commercial on local TV, during prime time, on social media, and even in movie theaters across the valley. This single, powerful tool maximizes your reach, boosts brand visibility, and engages diverse audiences, driving more traffic and sales. Invest in a versatile commercial to make your business shine!

Event Videos & Speaker Reels

Preparing for an event takes a lot of time and effort, so why let it be limited to just an hour, a day, or a weekend? Allow your event to live forever through event videos.
Financial Potion can film your single event and create a multitude of videos that will be invaluable for your marketing and sales team. Use these videos to resell as educational materials, show people what they missed, and promote your next event. Imagine the impact of showcasing your event highlights and key moments through engaging videos.

During the event, you can even play recorded responses from award winners to avoid nervousness or long-winded speeches. Once we’ve recorded a few events, we can create a stellar speaker reel that will help you get hired for more speaking opportunities. Transform your event into a lasting asset that keeps delivering value long after the last guest has left.

Green Screen Videos

Utilizing green screen videos offers unmatched flexibility for your content. Easily switch backgrounds to match any location or theme, enhancing your storytelling without the need for costly sets or travel. This versatility allows for consistent, professional-looking videos that engage your audience and adapt to various marketing needs. Elevate your video production with green screen technology and create compelling, dynamic content that stands out! You can come to our studio or we can bring one to you.

CPV – Client Process Videos

Tired of repeating yourself to clients and employees? Did you know people retain 80% of what they see in a video, compared to only 20% when reading and 30% when hearing? Save time, energy, and money with client process videos! Streamline communication, enhance retention, and ensure consistency. Invest in videos to make your processes clear and engaging for everyone involved!

2024 Telly Award Winning Video

Subject Matter Expert Videos

As the subject matter expert in your field, videos help you answer questions, boost searchability, and build credibility, turning viewers into loyal clients. Tailored to each platform, your videos can be edited for optimal impact, such as vertical, text-heavy branded subtitle videos for Reels. Elevate your online presence, attract more fans, and watch your business grow with expertly crafted content!

Animation Videos

Video animations as well as animated intro and exit graphics are a great way to be remembered and stand out from the crowd.

Drone Videos

Experience the stunning benefits of aerial drone videography by our FAA-licensed pilots. Capture breathtaking, high-definition footage that elevates your projects to new heights. Perfect for real estate, events, and promotional content, our professional drone services provide unique perspectives that captivate and engage your audience. Trust our skilled pilots to deliver safe, compliant, and visually spectacular results, showcasing your business in the best possible light. Elevate your vision today!

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