Every video your business creates, you need to host it somewhere in order for the public to be able to view it. At Financial Potion, we help business owners create optimized YouTube business channels. We believe YouTube is the best platform for business owners to use because it’s free, owned by Google, and is the most popular video-sharing site. More than 1 billion users visit YouTube each month watching over 6 billion hours of video.

Once you have videos on your YouTube channel you can link to social media, use the embed code to link to your website, email signature, campaigns, and blogs. If a business’s YouTube channel is set up and optimized correctly, videos can be more easily found through Internet searches.

YouTube Certified


-Fully Branded
-Socially Connected
-Website Linked
-Geographically marked with
full descriptions and tags for SEO.

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-Corrected Transcription – Click here for video
-Custom Thumbnail- Click here for video
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Our YouTube channels are all customized to fit your needs and are sure to meet your marketing budget.

Video optimization costs vary on the length of the video.

We can train you and your staff how to set up your channel and optimize your videos on your own for $75/hr – 1 hour minimum.

If you already have a YouTube channel set up, connect with us for a FREE AUDIT by completing the form above. We’ll let you know what you’ve done well and where you may be missing some steps. Video is the potion to relieve business owners of their financial worries, once you get the video out to the public.