by: Mattie Sims

Are you looking for ways to create a killer marketing strategy? For small business owners and entrepreneurs, it can be tough knowing how to make your strategy as powerful as possible.
To ease the pressure, here’s a step-by-step guide of five items to show you how to create a marketing strategy that’s unique to your business:

1. Determine your goals

Before implementing a new marketing strategy, it’s vital to make a plan that includes an overview of the resources you have available and the actions you will take. 

Your plan should identify your budget and goals and how to plan to achieve the objectives you have set. This should be aligned with your larger business goals. 

2. Create buyer personas

The next step is to create buyer personas. This will help you massively – by defining the audience, you are targeting, marketing to them will become much easier. 

A buyer persona is a detailed breakdown of your ideal customer. It should include their demographics, like age, gender, and location, as well as psychographics, which includes their interests, hobbies, personality traits, and pain points. 

You can also create multiple personas if you’re targeting different groups. This allows you to create more personalized campaigns tailored to each group. 

3. Choose the right tools

Once you’ve identified your target audience and goals, having the right tools should be the next action on your to-do list. 

Online software can save you a load of time and streamline your marketing efforts. Even if you’re short of time and money, you can still build an amazing campaign. 

Some of the best tools include: 


Trello is a communication tool that’s ideal for small business owners. You can keep track of projects and create different boards for different campaigns or goals. 


SEO is hugely important in marketing. How your website ranks will directly affect how many customers you reach. 

SEMRush is a tool that can improve your SEO ranking and has features like keyword search, audits, tracking daily rankings, and more. 


If you attend a lot of networking events, you will need professional business cards. This tool provides free templates so you can create business cards that stand out. 


For improving your overall strategy, BuzzSumo is a tool that has features to manage your content, videos, and data management. This can really boost your marketing efforts.

4. Plan your campaigns

Now you know what you’re aiming for, you need to plan out your campaigns. You can do this using both paid and organic options. 

Paid ads can work quickly and boost your exposure. Plus, they are usually very cost-effective. All the major platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – provide this option. 

Additionally, you can use organic methods, like creating blog posts, infographics, videos, ebooks, images, and other types of content to reach more customers. 

Remember, the more shares, tweets, and comments you get, the larger the exposure. This also increases engagement, as it starts conversations with potential customers. 

The first step is to decide which types of content to focus on. This should be in line with your marketing and larger business goals. For example, if you want to get more people to attend an event, updating your CTAs should be a priority. 

You will also need to consider your buyer persona. This will impact the techniques you use, as one group might prefer blog posts, while another might respond better to videos or images. 

The strategy you adopt should be unique to your business. When planning, you should remember your goals and brand vision to make the most of your marketing efforts.


5. Consider using video

It’s statistically proven that people retain more information given in a video than what they read or hear. Social Media algorithms prefer video posts and some platforms such as YouTube and Tik Tok are strictly video based. Financial Potion can provide training to teach you how to produce videos on your own or can produce videos for you from thought to distribution.


Use these five tips to have a more successful business.