If you’re a Realtor, Property Manager, or any business owner who has a product that’s large that you need to move around and give a tour of, it’s going to be crucial for you to be able to record video on the go and capture high quality, stabilized video in order to create that tour. There are several products you can use and below is a list from least expensive, to more expensive products that can help you accomplish this look.

A Chest Mount

A chest mount is going to be less than $20 and would allow you to put your phone on your chest for you to be able to walk around, talk and give your tour. It’s very easy to use and very inexpensive, however you’ll want to walk slower than what feels natural, and you’ll have to walk as smoothly as possible. A great way to learn how to walk is talk to someone who was in the marching band. The marching band is trained how to roll their feet in order to eliminate the bounce in their step and that’s how you’re going to have to walk. If you don’t want like this, your footage is going to be really bouncy.

A Cell Phone Holder Gimbal

Have you ever held a chicken and rotated its body however noticed how the head stayed in one place? That’s how a gimbal works. With this device, your phone will be the camera, similar to the chest mount, however you won’t have to worry as much about walking steady and rolling your feet because the gimbal will help keep the shot steady. It also has controls on the device where you can pan from left to right, as well as zoom. Now you will have to be holding this device the whole time, so be ready to work out the arms a little bit keeping the device up. The other issue this device is your image quality is only going to be as good as the camera on your phone.


If you’re looking for high quality video without investing thousands of dollars on a camera and full sized gimbal, the DJI OSMO is the way to go. Yes, you’ll still have to hold it with your arms so be ready for a mini arm workout, however the camera is actually on the device and is 4k quality. It also comes with a microphone jack to plug in a microphone. You can also pan from left to right, and tilt up and down. Also with the OSMO you can quickly switch from looking out into a scene to being in “selfie mode” with just three clicks of a button. The setup and configuration on this is a little tricky, however once you have it all together, it’s going to give you a great high quality steady camera.
Watch our review on the OSMO-

To recap, if you know you’re going to be walking and talking about a place or product, you need to determine how high quality and how steady do you want the image to look, and what’s your budget. We provided links to all these products and more products can be found on our recommendation page to help you be more successful with your own video marketing. Being able to see you, your property or products is key, however people also must be able to hear you clearly. Visit our post on “Can You Hear Me Now? Professional Microphones For Higher Quality Audio” to learn more about capture quality audio.