To have a quality video, you need to have microphones for quality video audio. However, how much you want to spend on the audio will depend on what you’re currently using for your video camera, how much you want the freedom to move and how much you want to invest. Below we’re going to share suggestions for people who are going to use a phone, and a suggestion for someone who is going to use a DSLR or cinema camera like we do.

Phone option 1 – A Wired microphone

Cqn you hear me now? Quality audio for videoIf you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you’re using your phone for your camera you can get a microphone with a wire and extension cord to give you a decent about of space to record yourself. The microphone is less than $20 and if you decide to get the extension cord to give yourself extra distance the total set up will still be less than $50. The issue with this is you do need to make sure everything is plugged in and stays plugged in while you’re recording.

Phone option 2 – A Wireless microphone

The Kimafun is a wireless microphone that we recommend using if you’re recording with your phone or computer. This microphone is decent audio quality tested up to a distance of over 20 yards. You don’t have to waste batteries and are simply able to recharge using a USB code that is provided in the pack. Syncing the receiver and microphone is as easy as turning on the devices, literally.  The pack also provides two windscreens for if you lose one. After our review of the Kimafun, we were in all impressed with the Kimafun wireless mic.  It was easy to set up and use and appears to have a nice range. For someone who is using their phone or computer to record videos, this is a great starter mic. We even use it when we do quick videos using the computer like Facebook LIVE videos.
Watch our review on it-

We have included links for each product mentioned so you can learn more about each and if you’re ready, take the next step and order your starting equipment. Want to be able to move around and walk and talk with your videos? Then check out our post on “Accessories to Record Video On The Go”.