Do you have memory problems? See why a teleprompter can be your new best friend!

They say, “practice makes perfect”, however some people can practice their scripts for hours and still not have it memorized. Having a script can also save you a lot of time in your social media optimization. What video camera you’re using will affect how much you’ll need to spend on a teleprompter.

When using your phone to record videos

If you’re using your phone to record videos, you may want to try Teleprompter Pro Lite for free to start and then purchase the full Teleprompter Pro app if you like it. It’s only $6.99 and would allow you to record the video as the teleprompter is going. Something you want to keep in mind if you’re using a phone with this app is to keep the words that you’re going to say as close to the phone lens as possible or you’ll look like you’re looking off camera.  If you’re using this set up you may want to consider having bullet points versus a full script you have to read.

When using a camcorder, DSLR or cinema camera to record

If you’re using a camcorder or DSLR, you may want to get the Ikan Teleprompter and a tablet. The Ikan Teleprompter PT-ELITE-UL-RC Elite Large Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit is a durable, decent sized teleprompter that will allow you to have perfect eye contact when you’re performing. This teleprompter is about $700. However you’ll still need to purchase the Teleprompter Pro app for your tablet, so you can have perfect eye contact. This is the set up we have used since 2014, our clients love it and it hasn’t failed us yet.

For a quality teleprompter that doesn’t need a tablet, you could invest in the full package for a little over $1000. This would have the full 50/50 mirror like the IKAN teleprompter and tablet holder, however instead of a tablet there is a monitor with teleprompting software on it. However, why just have monitors with teleprompter software versus having a tablet you can use for other purposes as well? We feel the best investment would be to get a quality tablet, and the IKAN teleprompter and tablet holder, however sometimes you do need to purchase products to serve one purpose, like going under water. See our post on, “Going Under, Under Water Video Production”.