Video marketing presents a lot of excellent opportunities that are woefully underutilized. This is because it takes a lot of time to take excellent footage and even more to get it properly edited and published. Still, the usefulness of real estate video marketing cannot be denied. People nowadays prefer video as their content medium, so anyone who isn’t using them is missing out. Sometimes, the hardest part is deciding what videos you want to make. In order to help out with that, here are 5 creative ideas for real estate video marketing. 

Try your hand at streaming

The first way to creatively take advantage of real estate video marketing would be to stream your tours of the best properties you have available. This way, you are not only helping people find their own dream homes, but you are also promoting your business effectively. This is particularly true right now since the popularity of online tours is still as high as ever after the pandemic. Thanks to peoples’ newfound willingness to do most of their house hunting online, businesses that effectively innovate and offer more in-depth tours will easily find themselves ahead of their competitors in the housing market. Of course, you can’t always have stunning homes lined up to show off to people. So, it is smart to regularly stream tours of more affordable ‘everyday’ homes, so your content does not wildly vary due to the availability of house stock. Your customers will appreciate the consistency. There are many different streaming platforms and you can make it as simple or advanced as you want. If you need assistance with live streaming, connect with Financial Potion for a strategy session. 

Make videos on decorating

One of the most practical creative ideas for real estate video marketing is making videos of decorating homes. After all, this helps you in three different ways:

  1. Good interior decorating helps sell a house and prevent awkward scenarios where homes are turned down just because they don’t look appealing enough.
  2. You get to offer advice on how best to decorate their homes to sell them faster, and people love guides and are much more likely to follow your future content.
  3. Of course, you can promote your own business and improve your image as a realtor.

Becoming known as a real estate agent with the skill and willingness to help their clients can sometimes be more beneficial than any digital marketing tools ever could be! The appeal at least partially lies in their reputation, after all.

Introduce the neighborhood

A lot of people focus only on the home they are interested in. However, the overwhelming majority also pays attention to the neighborhood, especially the people they’ll be surrounded by. So, the nest of our creative ideas for real estate video marketing is to introduce these things to them better! This would consist of two things. First, you have the actual footage of the neighborhood. It needs to show the most important local landmarks, amenities, shops, etc. You can also offer some commentary to go along with it. The second part explains the local community a bit better since such an aspect of everyday life cannot be captured on film. We recommend preserving people’s privacy but do mention potential drawbacks in the form of bad neighbors! This will somewhat increase your workload since it means doing neighborhood research, but it’s worth it!

Take advantage of the popularity of shorts

Right now, the popularity of shorts is only growing. Whether it’s YouTube’s named ‘Shorts’ or TikToks, people eat them up effortlessly. And with some editing skills, you can also jump on the bandwagon! Now, showing off most of a property’s appeal in a short format is challenging. You will need to carefully pick out which parts of a home you want to show to potential customers. You will also need to pick attractive, catchy background music to accompany the footage. Perhaps use it every time as a sort of branding gimmick. This is also a helpful learning tool for practicing how to create effective video ads and make them more effective since those are also short. Besides, since you’d be operating on social media, it’s easier for your content to explode in popularity.


Offer practical valuation and home inspection guides

The final of our creative ideas for real estate video marketing is to offer practical home valuation and inspection guides! This way, you are both promoting homes you are in charge of helping people pick up useful knowledge. In fact, the draw such videos would have on first-time home buyers, and even more experienced ones are such that you will likely see your online following grow quickly. This will allow you to establish yourself online much faster. And you can leverage the popularity to push your property stock. Of course, you can’t just show off homes with nothing wrong with them if you want genuine videos. Instead, you can use them to drum up interest in fixer-uppers, too. Buying a fixer-upper and properly evaluating it is one of the hardest things to do, so anyone interested in it would flock to your videos for helpful guidance!

Developing your future

No matter which of our 5 creative ideas for real estate video marketing you opt for, there is one truth that cannot be denied: you will need to put in a lot of time and effort into making the videos both interesting and useful for your goals. Just like when picking up any other skill, it’ll take a lot of time and effort to figure everything out. After all, suddenly pushing a completely different type of content is not simple. What’s positive about the situation is that it’s relatively easy to gauge the quality of your videos! So long as you can reasonably claim that you would enjoy watching them, they will at least appeal to a part of your audience. Still, becoming too obsessive with video quality would be just as bad as having bad videos. Since trying to improve might cut into your work schedule and if you want to look ultra professional always, you should just hire professionals like Financial Potion. Connect with us for a complimentary strategy session. 

Author Bio:

Carter James, blog writer and real estate agent.

Carter James is an experienced real estate agent who likes to share his knowledge and skills with people just starting out in the field.