by Arleen Atienza

Creating and editing videos is now easier than ever. What could only be done by big budget production companies is now possible for companies of any size, including SMEs. This accessibility is one of the many ways that shows how much technology has evolved (and it’s still evolving!). And with these continuous advancements in both technology and visual media, comes a challenge for companies to adapt.

Companies today can maximize the availability and convenience of creating videos for almost any facet of their business from employee engagement to customer success.

How You Can Use Video for Customer Success

1.Onboard Customers with Ease

Put your best foot forward with an onboarding video for customers. It’s a great, modern complement to the usual printed product manuals, which can sometimes be easier to misplace than to decipher. A well-made onboarding video is a great educational tool that adds value, especially to first-time users. Onboarding videos are great visual aids for detailing how your product works, making it easier for your customers to use and enjoy your product. Aside from product activation and instructions for the first use, it’s a great way to give a quick intro about your company (background, core values, and even your portfolio).

2.Make Your Events More Immersive

Trying to choose between producing a virtual event to attract customers or a face-to-face event? Why not combine both ideas? This way you’re casting a wider net for both your local clients and potential out-of-state or even out-of-country leads. By combining both traditional and digital event activities, you’re catering to a wider audience while capturing moments that you can include in future content like social media posts or in-store video promotions.

3.Upgrade Your Social Media Efforts

Every business should make sure they have a consistent online presence through social media. Facebook alone has almost 3 billion monthly active users across the globe. That’s a very large number to ignore if you’re a business that’s looking to grow your client base and, of course, increase your bottom line. Social media is great for increasing awareness and telling your brand’s story. And what better way to amplify your storytelling than through captivating videos?

4.Create On-Brand Content

Whether it’s a video introducing a new product or highlighting a feature, it’s important to make sure that everything you put out is on-brand. Consistent storytelling across all platforms, including your own website, helps customers get a better idea of who you are as a company and helps them decide whether your products are the right fit for them. While staying consistent in terms of telling your brand’s story is important, you need to remember to mix things up in terms of actual content. Don’t turn off potential customers by only using video to “hard sell” your products. Find the balance between highlighting a product’s FAB (Features, Advantages, and Benefits) and creating value-adding, engaging video content for your target audience. Doing so can create a better impression.

5.Build a Tutorial Video Library

Customer support is essential in creating a good customer experience. Make sure it’s available to your clients even when your offices and stores are technically closed for the day. Creating a tutorial video library that your clients can easily access, whether on your website, YouTube, or other platforms, can have a positive impact on customer success. Of course, some users may still want to call your customer service staff for specific questions, but imagine the number of customers you can help and the problems you can solve by having a library of tutorial videos that customers can access when needed.

6.Engage with Employees from Onboarding to Training

One of the important factors of customer success is having highly engaged, customer-centric employees. This means companies should be employee-centric as well. Onboarding is an important part of an employee’s professional journey with your company. Make it that much more efficient and informative by using an onboarding video that’s not only educational but makes the employee excited to come in the next day. Aside from having engaging onboarding videos, your Human Resources (HR) team can produce training videos that employees can access in their own time. They’re free to learn and improve at their own pace. Additionally, employees can also look back on these videos if they get stuck at certain steps.

There are many technological advancements that are at the disposal of businesses. What’s great about most of these advancements is that most of them are accessible to businesses of all sizes and industries. Then it all comes down to which companies are able to learn and adapt well. These companies are the ones who will gain that edge they need to rise above other competitors.

If you want to upgrade your customer success strategies, then you should definitely use visual media, especially videos. Want to know more about what video production can do for your business? Contact us today!