By Jassica Mendez

Small business owners often have a wide range of responsibilities to juggle. However, navigating the landscape of modern marketing remains one of the most significant challenges. Amidst numerous strategies vying for attention, video marketing tools for small business owners is an essential approach. That’s why we’ve consulted video marketing experts, and here’s how to make the most of your marketing efforts with the following video marketing tools.

The Importance of Video Marketing for Small Business Owners and The Best Tools to Use

Video marketing is no longer an avant-garde concept. It has evolved to become a central pillar for digital marketing campaigns. For small businesses, video marketing isn’t just another buzzword but a critical tool for growth. There are plenty of ways to boost your business with video marketing

Video editor researching video marketing tools for small business owners

Video marketing is rapidly evolving, proving to be a powerful catalyst in amplifying brand awareness and customer engagement.

Furthermore, the surging popularity of video-centric social media platforms and the shift in consumer preferences towards more engaging, interactive media underscore the essential role that video marketing plays. This evolution implies that you need the most effective video marketing tools within your arsenal. So, without further ado, here are the top 7 video marketing tools for small business owners.

1. Animoto: Simplifying the Art of Video Creation

Animoto is Kicking off our list, an intuitive tool thoughtfully designed to make creating high-quality, engaging video content as simple as possible. With an array of pre-built templates that cater to various video formats – from eye-catching social media stories to instructive explainer videos – Animoto empowers small businesses to create professional-looking videos effortlessly.

Animoto’s charm lies in its ability to democratize video creation, breaking down technical barriers and saving small businesses considerable time and resources. When paired with robust digital marketing analytics tools, the phrase right tools for the job becomes a fitting description of what Animoto brings. By analyzing audience engagement data, you can better tailor your video content, ensuring it hits the mark every time.

2. Comprehensive Video Marketing Solution

Next up is, a holistic solution for all your video marketing needs. It is a unique platform offering video creation, hosting, and distribution capabilities under one roof. allows small businesses to customize videos to suit different social platforms, maximizing engagement and reach.

The defining feature of is its versatility. Whether you’re creating promotional videos or educational content, has the tools and features to make your vision come to life. Coupled with its user-friendly interface, it’s no surprise that ranks among the top video marketing tools for small business owners.

3. Canva: Not Just a Graphic Design Tool

Canva has long been popular among small businesses for its graphic design capabilities. However, Canva’s prowess extends beyond static visuals into dynamic video content. Its simple drag-and-drop interface lets users easily create engaging videos.

Canva’s extensive library of stock images, audio, and video footage is a treasure trove of creative resources. Using Canva, small businesses can combine different elements to create unique video content that tells their story and engages their audience on a deeper level.

4. Vidyard: From Hosting to Sharing

Vidyard offers a multifaceted approach to video marketing. Beyond providing video creation tools, Vidyard is an excellent platform for hosting and distributing them. This platform enables small businesses to share videos across various channels, from email newsletters to social media posts.

What sets Vidyard apart is its commitment to data-driven insights. With powerful analytics features, Vidyard helps businesses understand viewer engagement and measure the success of their video marketing efforts.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro: A Taste of Professionalism

For small businesses seeking a more advanced tool, Adobe Premiere Pro is worth considering. This software provides sophisticated video editing features, including color grading, multi-camera editing, and high-fidelity audio tools. 

Adobe offers some of the best video marketing tools for small business owners

Adobe Premiere Pro is a shining example of how video marketing tools for small business owners can elevate content production.

Although Adobe Premiere Pro demands a learning curve, it’s an investment that pays off by delivering top-tier professional features, enabling businesses to craft videos that rival larger competitors.

6. Powtoon: Dynamic Animated Video Creation

Powtoon is a powerful tool for creating animated videos, offering a playful and engaging approach to video marketing. Designed intuitively, Powtoon empowers businesses to create interactive animated videos that capture the audience’s attention and effectively communicate your message.

Powtoon offers a vast range of pre-designed templates that cater to various industries and use cases, from product demos to internal communications and everything in between. By combining text, animation, and voiceovers, you can create videos that promote your business and build a connection with your audience. The ability to add a personal touch and infuse creativity sets Powtoon apart as a vital video marketing tool for small business owners.

7. Magisto: AI-Powered Video Editing

Magisto, an AI-powered video editing tool, offers an intelligent approach to video marketing. It can automatically craft a professional video tailored to your marketing objectives by analyzing your raw video footage, photos, and audio.

Person using a tablet to record a podcast

The advent of AI has revolutionized the marketing landscape, driving efficiency and delivering unparalleled personalization in video content creation.

Magisto’s key strength lies in its simplicity. With minimal input, businesses can produce high-quality videos, saving time and reducing complexity. Moreover, its advanced AI technology ensures your video content is engaging, effective, and aligned with your marketing goals. With Magisto, you can focus more on your core business operations while it takes care of your video marketing needs.

Leveraging Video Marketing: The Game-Changer for Small Businesses

The significance of video marketing tools for small business owners goes beyond keeping up with the latest trends. It’s about connecting with customers where they are – in a space that values engaging, interactive content.

Now that you know these powerful tools, it’s time to revolutionize your marketing strategy and make a lasting impression on your audience. So wait no more but leverage technology for your business growth and start by using video marketing tools!