by Jackson Lambert

What defines a successful marketing strategy? Is it the increase in customer engagement, generating more leads, or maybe a strategy’s ability to adapt to the market? Whatever your marketing goal is, it all depends on how you plan to achieve it. While many different marketing strategies are at your disposal, today, we want to talk about video marketing. Videos offer an engaging and interactive way to advertise your products and connect with customers. However, a video post that misses the campaign’s point will also waste time and resources. That is why it is crucial to understand how to measure the success of your video marketing strategy and optimize it for better results.

Consider the number of views and other important metrics

We can all agree that if you are trying to promote your business with video content, views matter a lot. Your video marketing campaign has no chance of success if no one looks at your videos.

Before you start a video marketing campaign, think about the best platform to post. YouTube is far the most approachable, even though there are other options. Whatever platform you choose, familiarize yourself with the admin panel.

YouTube logo.

YouTube is the best free platform for posting videos.

Once you upload your videos, start tracking the number of views. You also want to pay attention to the following:

  • The rate at which the views are going up
  • The number of views and the length of the videos
  • If the number of subscribers
  • The number of likes or dislikes per each video

These essential metrics will tell you a lot about how your videos perform. For example, the video’s visibility is not good if the views grow slowly. You might want to review how you create titles and if the content is aligned with your customer’s needs. Also, make sure that the video is optimized correctly.

Review your content if the number of views is rising, but there are no likes. Is it engaging enough? Does it provide everything your clients want? Have you tried asking your viewers to like the video, leave a comment, and subscribe?

Also, determine if the shorter videos are received better than the long ones. You want to find the optimal video length to engage viewers and keep things interesting.

Add a CTA button to your videos

If you are using videos to promote a product or invite viewers to sign up for your website, always add a CTA button. That is a basic video marketing strategy and an excellent opportunity to get more conversions and get relevant data that will allow you to measure the success of your campaign.

Let’s say you invite users to sign up on your website and use a video post. The next step would be to add a question to your sign-up form on the website and ask the visitors how they heard about the website. That way, you will know if someone signed up because they watched a video on your YouTube channel.

Keep track of the conversions

Once you know what customers came directly from the videos, you can easily keep track of conversions as well. If you notice that the visitors that came from your videos do not convert to customers, you can start looking for the reason why.

A red “Subscribe” button

The number of subscribers indicates how many viewers not only like your content but also want more.

We all know that the most common enemies of conversion rate success are poor content, lack of personalization, or an unclear CTA button. When it comes to that, make sure that your videos deliver, and improve your video marketing campaign. The sooner you take care of the things that can hurt your efforts, the better.

Measure the traffic and the bounce rate

Every visitor that comes to your website by watching one of your videos counts toward the traffic increase from your video marketing campaign. That is a good way to understand if your videos are impactful or not.

Furthermore, you can also measure the bounce rate of the same visitors. If it is high, that means your videos are not passing on the correct message. Review your content again and ensure it aligns with your website’s purpose.

Measure viewer engagement

One of the best things about videos is that your viewers can share them on social media. This is absolutely essential for increasing awareness about your brand, getting more leads, and increasing the conversion rate.

Encourage your customers to share videos as much as possible and see how that affects your business. You can also use 3rd party software or the tools provided by the hosting platform to look at the analytics and monitor the number of shares.

A 3D “thumb up” illustration.

The number of likes will help you to learn more about how engaged your viewers are and measure the success of your video marketing strategy.

Calculate ROI on your video marketing campaign

Whatever metric you track, it will not give you the final answer unless you know your ROI. That truly shows how effective your video marketing campaign really is.

Calculate all the costs of producing and promoting your videos, renting or purchasing recording equipment, and include employee salaries and advertising expert fees. Compare that amount with the generated revenue of your video marketing efforts, and understand if you are earning money or losing it.

Listen to the customer feedback

Customer feedback can come in many forms. When it comes to videos, diligently read viewers’ comments, and respond to them in a timely manner. If there are any complaints or negative comments, try understanding what happened. Anything you learn from this important metric should help you to improve your future videos.

That’s how you measure the success of your video marketing strategy

To efficiently measure the success of your video marketing strategy, you need to follow all of these steps. It takes some time to understand whether your video marketing efforts are generating positive results. As good advice, follow the latest trends in video marketing and analyze videos of successful YouTubers to understand what makes them the best. Try to implement anything you learn and improve your video marketing campaign to be more efficient. Best of luck!

AUTHOR’S BIO: Jackson Lambert is a digital marketing expert and a freelance writer. As a passionate content creator, he strives to help businesses to develop their marketing strategies and grow their customer base.